How Bamboo Shades Could Improve Your Windows

If you are looking to enhance your windows and you want to use something that is energy efficient, then bamboo shades may be just what you are looking for. They are great for insulating the room and they help to keep the heat in when it is needed. They are also cost effective and they help you to get as much light into the room as you want. So, if you have never thought of using bamboo shades before, you may want to start thinking about using them now.You can Visit online for more information.

The Advantages of Bamboo Shades

One of the main things which attracts people to bamboo shades is the fact that they look unique. They tend to look quite delicate, but in fact they are fairly strong. What many people do not realize is that they are often more durable than fabric and other wooden shades, so they are certainly worth having if you want something that will last you for years to come.

Another advantage to bamboo shades is the fact that they are quite low maintenance. Just as long as they are good quality, you only need to use a soft brush and cloth to clean the shades every now and again. By keeping the dirt away, you will ensure that your shades look newer for longer and also by regular keeping them maintained, your bamboo shades will last a lot longer too.

So, whilst they are low maintenance, they do still need a little wipe to keep them dust and dirt free. You should also take into account when cleaning your bamboo shades that if they get too wet the bamboo can start to warp. So to avoid this you should use only damp cloths and brushes and clean the shades gently.

Can You Make Your Own?

It is possible to make your own bamboo shades and you can do so by purchasing fresh bamboo. You can find it in a number of places throughout America, but remember that when you do purchase fresh bamboo, you will need to remove the oil from it before you begin.

The reason the oil is taken out of the bamboo is because that way it attracts less insects. It also causes the bamboo to become harder which helps to keep it lasting longer in the home. However, once you have taken the oil out you cannot just start making the shades, you then have to air dry it to stop mold from forming. Once you are ready to begin you can easily find instructions on the Internet or ask a local manufacturer how to make them and they may give you some plans to follow.

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