Video Games – Are They Grooming Your Kids for Sex and Violence?

In The Times recently, the front page story was ‘Computer Games to get health warnings’.

Well, in a way they are right, and it seems illogical that so many years after their introduction, no real parental controls are in place. I actually cringe when I see some of the videos being played by my friend’s Visit online 우리카지노 for more details kids, or just even read the words on the box.

It’s as if some of the makers of these games dredged the most depraved violent and sexual themes in their minds to put together what they feel will make the most money for them – regardless of the effects on the mental attitude of young children who watch them. If a child is brought up to think that running over pedestrians, killing policemen, visiting prostitutes, killing people by pulling them apart or burning them alive is a natural event, how on earth are you going to teach them any ‘proper’ morals.

Don’t get me wrong – I am no prude – and I can remember the similar argument bandied around about the evils of television on our younger viewers, but presenting violence for violence sake in this violent society for the sake of lining these peoples pockets is just not on.

There is a place for video games in modern society, and they can indeed help many children though some very good emotional journeys.

As online computer games increases in popularity, there is definitely a place for them in modern society, but where quick emotions, and time fillers are concerned, there are many more computer games from companies such as King, Pogo, and the newest kid on the block – uVme. (yoU Versus Me).

These companies do not do video games as such, but using the latest in Flash technologies, they provide some very enjoyable entertainment in a totally different way to video games.

Video games create a make-believe environment, which draws its players into. On-line games of skill are a totally different animal, and most parents should look at this as a very viable alternative to video games. Let’s get one thing straight here though, this is ‘gaming’ and not ‘gambling’ and there is a massive gulf between the two.

With online skill games, they actually provide a superb learning environment, in terms of hand – eye coordination, as well as rapid brain work. In this day and age where mental arithmetic seems to be a historical relic, they are like a breath of fresh air to you and your kid’s brains.

In fact the American government looked at a report that actually recommended people in a highly stressed work environment should play these ‘tea break’ games of skill regularly every day. They found that work-loads actually went up where firms allowed their workers to take a ‘skill games’ break of ten minute s or so several times a day.

Now, online skill games are indeed big business in their own right. At present the industry is worth around $167 per SECOND, and is predicted to grow to around US$412 PER SECOND over the next few years.

Online skill games, with all the new technology now available, are very competitive, and although many games look simple to play, to try and actually get to grips with them, to get the higher scores, can be very, very difficult. Not only that, with the massive increase in Social networking, the ability for people to get good at a certain game, then challenge the world if need be can be a greet ego boost to many a player.

And then, unlike video games, the ability to take part in high ticket value on-lien tournaments can make a lot of money for many people. OK, even here, some form of parental control has to be necessary, and that can easily be done, but many games sites now offer free entry on most of their games, and also with the ability to be matched up against players with a similar expertise level.

Of course, there is then also the potential of building a complete home business based around these online skill games, which, as yet, has not been possible with video games.

So, the verdict on online games of skill – no sex, no violence, just good old competitive mind training activity, with a commercial angle as well in some cases.

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